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  • How to primitively dry meat to make jerky for use in long term wilderness survival.

  • Paul teaches on how to build a shelter, start a fire, melt snow, and signs of hypothermia. Shelter built with only a knife and fire started with a flint. For more information on courses go to

  • How to make a primitive fishing hook / fishing gouge from completely natural materials in a wilderness survival situation.

  • PLEASE READ: Shown are the various items essential to last ditch outdoor survival. Description and uses of items. I’ve been getting some comments about adding more firelighting gear. What I have in this kit is more than enough. Many people go out with much less. There are many primitive ways of lighting fires that I…

  • I demonstrate making a compass out of nothing more than a leaf, paperclip, and rock.

  • Lost in the Wild Arizona pt 4

  • Lost in the Wild Arizona pt 3

  • Figure Four Deadfall – Wilderness Survival Skills, demonstrated by Paul Scheiter of Hedgehog Leatheworks.

  • Lost in the Wild Arizona pt 2

  • Field Expedient Fish Trap

    This is a field expedient fish and crawfish trap that you can make with 2 liter coke bottles. Once you understand the general concept, you can make several different versions. In a survival situation, if you had about a dozen of these along a creek or river, you could easily feed yourself. I hear that…

  • The T Bar snare is our favorite trap trigger to insure you get a head snare for primitive cordage. This video will show you everything you need to know about this snare trap. Please watch and share this video on other forums and with your friends. SIGMA 3 is quickly growing to the largest survival…

  • The Cross Bar Branch Snare is another great way of snaring animals in your local area for bushcraft and survival needs. SIGMA 3 is quickly growing to the largest survival school in the world and we need your help spreading the word. Please share these videos on other forums, with other self reliance minded people….