Center Stitched Paracord Bracelet

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Center stitched paracord bracelet/watchband blog post:

This video will show how to add stitching, using 1.4mm cord, to a paracord bracelet that has already been made. For supplies I used a paracord bracelet, about 5 feet of 1.4mm cord, and a small Perma Lok lacing needle.

You can use different sized cord and material for the stitching, including gutted paracord, example shown at the end of the video. The 1.4mm cord I used came from ebay. Perma Lok lacing needles can be found from various online sources, or you can make your own lacing needles, and there are tutorials for making those online as well. Use the search engine of your choice for further exploration. 😉

Before trying this stitching method, I watched a video of a leather bracelet with this technique being shared: wrapped and braided bracelet

You can add the stitching to different paracord bracelet patterns, possible examples shown in the video were a common cobra stitch/Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet, Dragon’s Tongue(JD of TIAT pattern), and a woven paracord bracelet used for the demonstration.