DIY Shower Filter to Remove Chloramine for Under $50

John from shares with you how he is building the best shower filter that will remove chloramine, chlorine, VOC, and other contaminants from the water he will shower in.

You will discover some of the benefits of showering in filtered water such as softer hair and skin. John notices a reduction in skin rash, irritations and red spots.

In this episode, you will discover how you can build your own shower filter for less than $50 that will likely filter the water BETTER than many off-the-shelf shower filters that cost much more money.

In this episode you will learn the specific parts John used to make his own shower filter from items available online at that were delivered in 2 days FREE with Amazon Prime.

In addition, you will learn about another upgrade you can do to your shower which may allow you to get clean while using LESS soap and other products.

After watching this episode, you will have the information you need to construct, install and shower in water that has less contaminants than it did before for the least cost.

Items purchased from

10″ Clear Filter Cartridge Housing:

Pentek Chloramine Filter:

2″ Chrome Plated Pipe Nipple:

Rejuvenator Micro-Bubble Hand Held Showerhead:

Alternate Catalytic Carbon Granulated Filter:

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