Evasion Bug out Bag (Part 2) – one minute survival tip

As a evader you must be proficient in the use of evasion and/or survival equipment to facilitate evasion.

This time: Water purification.
Water is very essential, but it can be difficult to acquire. No matter where water is procured, try to remain completely concealed when doing so. The enemy knows you need water and may check all known water sources.

In an evasion situation, boiling water for purification should not be used as a method, except as a last resort.
Water pasteurization.
Water pasteurization is an alternative way of providing clean and safe drinking water, especially in rural and developing areas. It is not always necessary to boil or distil water to make it safe to drink, heating water to 65 degrees will kill germs, parasites and viruses and the process is called pasteurization.
Be aware: Water pasteurization is not effective when water is brackish or chemically tainted. Pasteurization is not sterilization, so although this water is safe to drink, don’t use it for medical procedures.

Use the rock boiling technique (+Tampon)

It is a primitive technique that requires no specialized equipment.
Step 1: Prepare the fireplace and heat up a flat stone. (as shown in the video).
Step 2: Drop some water on the hot, flat stone – the water will start to vaporize.
Step 3: Keep the tampon close to the boiling water. It will suck up the moisture.
Step 4: Step 4: Squeeze and/or suck out the water from it. Repeat step 1 to 4 as often as necessary.

Stone boiling is a way of heating water without direct exposure to flames.
If water cannot be purified, you should at least try to use water sources which are clean, cold and clear.

Next Time: How to shelter under evasion conditions!. Don´t miss it!