Hot Tent Camping in the Tahoe Gear Tipi with the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater

Took the pulk sled out for another overnighter in my Tahoe Gear Bighorn Teepee but this time I heated it with the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater. I also share some winter camping tips and tricks to help you have a warm and comfortable winter camping experience. I brought a tent fan to circulate the hot air and a couple thermometers to see how well the Mr. Heater Buddy could heat a big shelter on the low setting. I actually got 5 hours out of 1 small propane cylinder on low and kept the inside pretty comfortable around 59F on average the whole night.

The outside temp was unseasonably warm though at an average of 35F so I’ll need to go out again to test in colder temps. In the morning, I cranked the heater up to high and waited till the inside temp stabilized at a high of 73F with the outside temp still at 35F.

The Tahoe Tipi is 6.5 feet tall and has a diameter of 10 feet at the base so I was heating a pretty big space. I’m confident that in freezing temps the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy will keep me pretty comfortable around 58 to 60F on high…but I’ll need to bring 4 fuel canisters.

Of course, a wood stove with stove pipe would be a better choice for cold weather; I just wanted to show that the Mr. Heater is another way that you could keep warm on a winter trip.

***WARNING – Please remember to always use caution when using a propane heater in a tent. Carbon Monoxide can build up in the tent if the heater isn’t getting enough fresh air from outside to operate correctly. Remember to always allow enough air flow for you and the heater and a way to vent out of the top of the shelter. I highly recommend using a carbon monoxide detector and only running the heater while you are awake. Read and follow all directions for the proper and recommended use of your heater. I am not an expert in the use of this or any propane heater and I’m not responsible for anything that occurs to you as a result of improper use of said heater. ***

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Short summery of the trip:
I got another chance to go out on a pulk sled hot tenting trip and decided to take out the Tahoe Tipi and Mr. Heater Portable Buddy. The Buddy has a low (4,000 BTU’s) and high (9,000 BTU’s) setting which I prefer over the Mr. Heater Little Buddy which only has one setting at 3,800 BTU’s. The Portable Buddy also puts out a lot of heat directly in front of it and closer to ground level while the Little Buddy directs all its heat upwards from the heat element.

I’m loving the pulk sled after finding the perfect trail for it and a great spot to camp that I scouted out last summer. I got an earlier start on this trip so decided to cook some pancakes and spam for dinner using my Jetboil MiniMo and trying out the Pot Support that you can buy separately for it. I totally burned my pancakes because I was lying in a weird position to film it all and couldn’t really move the pan around. But, they tasted great just the same. I reviewed some of my gear and some more tips for winter camping and did a lot of temp checks on the heater. I also did a lot of experimenting with the fan height and settings between low and high to get the highest temps down by my bed. For breakfast I enjoyed the Bridgford Ready To Eat Sandwiches French Toast (that tasted a lot like an apple tarts to me) and some Spam. It was unseasonably warm out all night at about 35F so I couldn’t really do a true hot tent test. I could have easy camped without the heater and still had a great night.

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