How to Kill Skin Cook RATTLESNAKE

From a live snake to a campfire cooked meal. Rattlesnake is common fare for some, though most don’t have a clue as to how to go about them. In this video I’ll be killing, skinning, gutting, and using primitive means cooking a Rattlesnake.

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Disclaimer: An animal was killed in the making of this video. This was done for educational reasons and consumed for food. The rattlesnake was harvested in a responsible and respectful manner. The removal of head and other body parts were done post-mortem.

Understand that I do not condone the senseless killing of rattlesnakes due to the ignorant immoral hatred that some people seem to be afflicted with. If you are out in the forest, leave them alone. If a snake must be removed… at least use the skin and eat the meat instead of chopping it into tiny pieces while screaming war cries or scripture.

Snake meat contains om average 93 calories per 3.5 oz) of raw meat. This is roughly half the calories and one third the amount of fat of a similar amount of sirloin beef steak.

To see how the skin is tanned and preserved check out this video: