Making a Moulded Leather Possibles Pouch

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In this requested video I am making a pair of moulded leather possibles pouches, one with a Tek-Lok and another Woodlore style one with a belt closure.

There are lots of options with these with regards to the belt loops and closure mechanisms, the main idea here is how to go about the moulding process after that it’s up to you!

If you want to watch the other video that I did about making the bag moulds that’s here:

0:00:00 Intro
0:03:53 Moulds
0:10:11 Moulding the Front
0:20:28 Closing the Mould
0:26:40 Trimming the Front
0:31:43 Back Piece
0:38:37 Dyeing
0:43:18 Laser Cut Templates
0:44:57 Finishes
0:46:00 Closure Methods
0:52:54 Joining the Pieces
0:58:54 A Note on Belt Slits
1:01:09 Stitching
1:04:27 Edge Finishing
1:06:18 Fitting the Clasp and Lock
1:07:43 Tek Loks
1:10:05 Other Uses for the Eyelets
1:11:34 Full Leather Loop/Closure