MICRO Pocket Tool Kit: 100 Items for Car, Truck, Bag, Kitchen Drawer etc.

This is my experimental layout of a MICRO Pocket Organizer, used as a mini tool kit only (NOT as a survival kit, first aid kit, nor “bug out bag”). Standard sized hand tools simply won’t fit, so it’s filled with mini or “micro-sized” items ONLY. It has just over 100 in total, counting the Leatherman Wingman multi-tool as “14 tools” (as the manufacturer does) and the double-headed driver bit heads individually. The kit can be quickly and easily stashed in one’s car/truck glove box, EDC bag, work desk, or kitchen drawer, moving easily between them, in a tiny size that can fit in any cargo pants’ pocket, bag, briefcase, etc. Let’s see an ordinary toolbox try that!

Note: YouTube says my annotations may not show on cellphones, tablets, and TV devices, (or if viewed full screen ?).

Learn how to make my lightning-fast “Parafob” paracord storage/key-fob/lanyard/zipper-pull, here:

Print out your own rulers, yardsticks, meter-sticks [tape measures] here:

[Sorry about the poor auto focus of my camera, at times.]

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