MT674 Neck Knife (Budget) Keychain Security/Utility

Blade Length: 1.7 inches
Steel: 440 Stainless
Overall Length: 4 inches
Handle Scales: G10
Made In: China
Price: $6

This is the smallest and lightest blade I have found which could actually do something useful in a defensive situation. I carry a CRKT Ringer II for this same purpose, however that blade is no longer made. This MT674 is a decent stand-in. It could realistically be carried on a keychain. With blades this small, there is a shift in effectiveness away from thrusting and back to slashing and slicing. You always hear of dead victims being found with some of the attacker’s skin under their fingernails. This tiny knife will work much better than your fingernails, and might keep you from being dead at all. This knife is similar to the previously reviewed Boker Microcom, but has a superior blade shape, ergonomics, edge, and finish. It is also a very effective box cutter.

Many people have asked me where to get one of these, here is the Amazon listing, enjoy: