NEW! Schrade, SCTK3 3-Piece, 10 inch Throw Knife Set

Schrade 10 inch, Full Tang, Throwing Knives, Coated Stainless Steel, Weighted Blades with Black Nylon Belt Sheath – NEW from:

Rugged, handsome and fun to toss, the SCTK3 throwing knife set comes with three, ten inch throwing knives, a protective nylon belt sheath, and three paper targets.
Each knife is forged from tough, break and bend resistant, 2Cr13 stainless steel for years of use.
Angular, old world styling, a protective, stone washed finish and stamped Schrade logo on the handle make these blades as easy to look at as they are to throw.
Weighted fronts ensure more sticks in your target, than in the ground. Unsharpened edges mean you can practice your no-spin-throw by gripping the handle… or test your spin-throw skills by safely griping the blade.
When not perfecting your technique, all three knives are carried easily in this rugged, weather resistant, woven fabric belt sheath. Inside, each knife tucks away (protected from contact with the other blades) in its own nylon sleeve.
Rugged, affordable, fun to throw… crafted from premium materials… and built for a lifetime… this is the Schrade, SCTK3 3-Piece, 10 inch Throw Knife Set.

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