Ozark Survival Kit

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Mora Knives:

Silva Compass:


Emergency Blanket:

Sawyer Water Filter(recommended since video):

Fire Steel:

Craig Caudill is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School (). He specializes in teaching survival and preparedness which includes, go-bags, land navigation, and tracking for private and public groups and government agencies. Craig is a frequent survival and preparedness contributor to TV outlets, blog sites, magazines and is a popular online outdoor educator on Carbon TV (), and YouTube via the Nature Reliance and Dan’s Depot channels. He also has a worldwide network of students and followers who are part of Nature Reliance School Online () suite of courses covering all facets of self-reliance.

Craig is also a well respected martial arts/combatives instructor with over 20 years experience in armed and unarmed tactics and has advanced rank in both Judo and Aikido. Forever a student, Craig is always at work improving his mindset, skills and tactics for all he endeavors. His goal is to always help others develop their mindset and critical thinking skills so they can think on their own and for themselves.

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