Revisit My New Mitaki Japan Wind Up LED Head Lamp

So what I did was run down my head lamp until it was almost out so I can show how it cranks up. The thing is you don’t want to let a rechargable light discharge all the way down because sometimes that kills the battery. It’s safer to recharge, in this case with the wind-up generator, before the battery runs completely out.

I was a bit surprised when after having the head lamp on for three hours with the three LEDs the head lamp was still bright enough to see around a dark room. Not real bright mind you but enough to see around.

We’ll see how well the lamp takes a charge.

I thank oldgeekster for sharing the results from the test he did,
And as always, thank you for watching my videos,

The weight of this headlamp 3.33 ounces (94.3 grams)

For comparison my Petzl headlamp weighs 2.67 ounces (75.8 grams)

The following is info about this new headlamp borrowed from the eBay ad:
GREEN ITEM, no batteries needed. Features adjustable headband that allows it to fit on a hat or directly on your head and 3 LED lights with 3 settings: 1 bulb, 3 bulbs or 3 flashing bulbs. 1 minute of winding gives you approximately 90 minutes of light with 1 LED bulb, or 40 minutes with all 3 bulbs.

•GREEN ITEM, No Batteries Needed
•Adjustable Headband
•3 LED Lights with 3 Settings, 1 Bulb, 3 Bulbs or 3 Bulbs Flashing
•1 Minute of Winding Gives Approximately 90 Minutes of Light

Retail Price : $28.95
eBay Price: $12.95 free shipping

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