Stackwall/Cordwood Cottage Interior

This is the interior of our cottage. I made all of the wooden furniture myself with the exception of the dresser and the wall racks. The floor is poured, polished cement, painted primrose yellow. There are 16 rafters that rest on a central capital that sits on a hemlock tree trunk that we cut down on our property the year before.

Other than the two smallest windows and the doors, all the windows came from a recycler. The two tallest windows at the back are actually patio doors. I built all the window frames myself.

Once the wall was finished and the roof was on, I sanded the end of every log on the inside using a grinder hooked up to a generator. More recently, I sanded down the entire inside wall and painted it grey. This is to keep the cement dust down. I also filled every crack in every log because my wife is terrified of spiders, and they were coming in through the cracks.

Bugs are the only pests we have to worry about. We’ve never had a problem with mice inside because they can’t get in – the wall is 12″ thick, with a 4″ outside mortar wall, 4″ inside section filled with woodshavings (insulation) and lime (bug repellent), and a 4″ inner mortar wall.

Spiders, bees and ants… now, that’s a whole other issue….

I recorded my first cd at the cottage. To listen to my compositions or purchase a cd, go to Compositions from all three of my albums can be purchased there and through most on-line downloading services (iTunes, Napster, Weed, etc.) Also, the guitars I use were all made by myself.