Survival Skills: Firemaking, Southeast US by Nutnfancy

PART 2 OF 2:
A detailed fire making exercise in the Southeastern United States by Nutnfancy. Quite a different climate and foliage than the usual Nutnfancy Knife Clinic in the Rocky Mountains, this southern location provided an equally excellent location for wilderness craft. Tools used included the excellent, high value KaBar Heavy Bowie and Cold Steel Roach Belly knives, a Sawvivor backpacking saw, WD40, and a Light My Fire flint and steel. All came along and were used for demonstration purposes but not necessarily by necessity. The intent is to show viable backpacking fire tools that will get the job doneweight and compactness for carry purposes being important considerations. The secret time-saving weapon in this particular time-crunched clinic was one stick of fatwood, discussed in the video. Safety considerations, chopping, cutting, knife philosophy, and fire building techniques are necessarily discussed as the work progresses in this two-part series. If the response is good, I may do more wilderness skills videos but they might be few since they take a lot of work and are time-consuming.