Urban Get Home Bag (Part 1) by TheUrbanPrepper

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A “Get Home Bag” (GHB) is specifically designed to provide an individual with emergency preparedness supplies to make it home safely during an emergency. While “Bug Out Bags” are stored at home and used to evacuate ones dwelling to relocate to a safer location, a GHB is usually stored in your vehicle or even at work since these are likely locations for you to be at when an emergency situation arises. The size and weight should vary depending on the maximum distance that you are regularly away from your home. For example, if you only work a few miles away from your home, your GHB could be very minimal. Regardless, a typical GHB should be lightweight (less than 25 lbs / 11.3 kg) to allow for quick transport.

Since there are multiple locations where you might want to store a GHB, it is beneficial to build them in bulk to save on cost and allow for redundancy in various storage locations. In an effort to save on cost, the majority of the items included in this bag cost less than $20 (USD) and no single item costs more than $35. Even though price was a factor, quality was not sacrificed and all products included receive positive reviews by consumers. Designing a cost effective GHB allows this bag to be easily replicated. It is definitely possible to reduce the cost even further while still maintaining the same functionality with a little bargain hunting shopping. The following document lists all of the categories and individual supplies that I have in my personal Get Home Bag(s). Since I work in downtown Seattle, Washington and live in an urban environment, my GHB is specifically tailored to my personal needs and region.

In an effort to maximize the organization of the supplies in my GHB, I use a specific color coordination for the various modules included in this bag. These colors were determined based on the results of a survey I conducted on YouTube. This survey asked the participants to match a specific primary color to a specific category. By labeling and color coordinating the various modules based on the majority of peoples most likely color association, I believe that this will aid someone to quickly find a particular item in the GHB by instinct during an emergency situation.

I have uploaded the Excel spreadsheet that I used to determine what items to include based on cost. Click the “SUMMARY” tab for a bar chart of each module’s cost. Here is the download link for the file:

URBAN BUG OUT BAG (Version 2.0):

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