Wilderness Survival: Mountain Lakes (sample clips) with Thomas J. Elpel

With little more than a flint & steel kit and a copper drinking cup, Thomas J. Elpel and daughter Cassie trek five miles back into the Rocky Mountains for a few days of fishing, fun, and survival living. Among the spectacular lakes and mountain peaks, they demonstrate all of the skills required to meet their basic needs, including:

Shelter: Rock and log shelter with a fire.
Fire: Flint & Steel Kit + Making char cloth.
Water: Drinking from mountain streams.
Edible Plants: Wild onions and glacier lilies.
Meat: Mountain Suckers-fishing by hand, snagging by hook, plus fishing laws.
Cooking: Cooking fish on hot coals, plus steaming wild vegetables in a stone oven.
Tools: Tin can knives, plus forging the nail knife and making a pine bark pot.
Mountain Lakes. ISBN: 1-892784-22-X. July 2003. Full Version: 104 minutes.
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