A-Z of Bushcraft – survival and wilderness skills

A full guide to enjoying the outdoors

Who is the Presenter?
Andrew Price has spent every spare moment in the pursuit of Adventure. He is an experienced practitioner of a wide range of outdoor pursuits including Kayaking, Cycling, Rock Climbing, and Mountaineering. He is also passionate about the Dramatic Arts, graduating with a Degree in Media and Theater studies. This background in performance arts lends an infectious spontaneity and energy to his teaching. As well as drinking too much tea, he also hosts Bushcraft & survival courses open to all via Dryad Bushcraft

Who made the videos?
The video production was done by Paul O’Connor who co-founded an award winning alternative video news agency, Undercurrents in 1994.He has produced programmes for Channel 4 and BBC. He is a professional cameraman, editor and producer and his images are regularly used in current affairs programmes all over the world. His interest began in Bushcraft after attending one of Andrew Prices workshops and a partnership was formed to produce a series of regular videos.Through hard work and determination, the online video series has grown from strength to strength. Paul has never liked tea.

Where did we record A-Z of Bushcraft?
We have filmed mostly on Gower peninsular in southwest Wales. This beautiful rugged peninsular was designated Britain’s first area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) in 1956. The Area covers 188 sq Km with a coastline of 59 Km. Its complex geological formation has created a diverse range of terrain, condensed into a relatively small area.The South coast of Gower is predominantly carboniferous limestone which has formed into spectacular cliffs and sandy bays, popular with Rock climbers and surfers. The north coast is dominated by salt marshes and sand dunes, which support a range of flora and fauna to rival any in the UK.

How can I get a copy of the title music?
The title music used in A-Z of Bushcraft is ‘Where the Wind blows’ by Jon Harris and his band Seven Little Sisters. They have recently reformed thanks to the popularity of their song in our videos.