Bivouac Backcountry Camping Survival Skill Priorities – Finding Collecting and Purifying Water

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*Disclaimer-Do not try to dispersed camp without the skills necessary to do so. Do this at your own risk.

**I apologize ahead of time for some parts of this video. My camera was dropped and was working intermitantly during this trip.

In this video I walk you through parts of a 3 day trip in the Allegheny National Forest. The area we were in was an isolated wilderness area that allows dispersed camping. I have previously made videos showing the important “priorities” as I call them when in a wilderness or backcountry camping situation but these can also be applied should you find yourself in a survival situation. Those 4 priorities consist of Water, Food, Shelter and Fire. This video shows some basic camp set up goes into detail on how we typically collect water as well as how we process it into clean drinkable water. I will annotate links to the other videos I have made previously as well as the other videos made while on this trip.

There are many ways to collect water, and the most effective way for you may very well be different for someone else. A lot of that depends on geographic location as well as what equipment you have with you. The techniques that I show are just my preferences so take them with a grain of salt.