Bushcraft Survival : A Discussion on Survival, Fire, Water, Shelter, knives, and Forest Foods

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING: THIS VIDEO HAS NOT BEEN SCRIPTED, EDITED OR REHEARSED. IT WAS DONE THIS WAY BY REQUEST. (38:17 Shelter review – 47:30 Fish Trap Rundown – 52:19 Clean Water Seepage Well 100:00 – Eating Crickets 1:31:10 – Discussion on Fire ) It is composed of a string of clips that were taken over a period of several days in the swamps and bogs outside Central Florida. LONG-TERM SURVIVAL IS ABOUT ADAPTING TO YOUR CURRENT AND CHANGING ENVIRONMENT AND LEARNING TO BE AS RESOURCEFUL AS POSSIBLE. (Working smart not hard. KISS RULE: Keep It Simple Stupid. Always think ahead.) This is not a definitive guide to survival, survival skills, camping, knife, knives, or fire craft. It is also not complete. There are other topics that will be covered in the near future. Hopefully soon I can separate this video into four topics; Foods of the Forest, Water in the Wild, Long-term Shelter Building and Fire from the Forest. I’ve developed my survival and outdoor skills over my lifetime. Some skills come from my father, some from my travels in South America, Asia, and Canada and some from hiking and traveling in the United States. Some skills come from being a third-generation native Floridian. As a stay-at-home-dad, full-time student, freelance writer and social media liaison I am limited on the amount of time I have to pursue my other passions. However, I run to Mother Nature’s arms every chance I get.