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  • The squirrel pole is a great trap for catching small game in the woods and the urban environment. In this video we will show you how to do it primitively and with modern snare wire. SIGMA 3 is quickly growing to the largest survival school in the world and we need your help spreading the…

  • For more detailed info on this survival trap visit: This is the most simple primitive trigger system to carve and can be done with no tools in a short amount of time. We like this trap trigger only because it requires no tools which ranks it high on our list of most important survival traps….

  • Overhead Storage Loft

    This video is the second in a series regarding ‘Bugging-In’ or ‘Sheltering-in-Place.’ Explained is the organizational philosophy and construction of a ‘Overhead Storage Loft/Sleeping Quarters.’ Enjoy! –GM

  • Krik of Black Owl Outdoors shares with you just one of the many recipes and methods of cooking the backwoods staple, Bannock. Consisting of primarily flour and bread, a multitude of ingredients can be added to create a taste for whatever your mood. Add some cinnamon and sugar and you have a desert. Add some…

  • For more info on this trap: The second part in our Survival Trappers series of videos will cover the pauite deadfall variations and why these modified triggers are important for survival trapping. Thanks for your constant support of SIGMA 3 and make sure to watch the rest of your series. Please share this video series…

  • A comprehensive overview of various food and water storage options available to the survivalist.

  • Here is a video response to MRCoop1967 for his DIY paracord jig for the common person. I show using/storing Paracord Fids sold by Paracordist dot com check him out!! This is a easy DIY for people who dont have the access to a saw. You will need a drill, screwdriver, drywall screws, cable clamps, side…

  • Preparedmind101 continues the Guest Host series, this time with former USAF SERE Instructor JJ from Reality Survival. REALITY SURVIVAL CHANNEL: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

  • Paracord Fusion Ties – Volume 1: The “Tiny Globe Knot” is an innovative way of tying a standard Globe Knot that makes use of a forefinger for “knotting support”. I’ve been watching others tie Globe Knots (online) for a while now and I’ve enjoyed the products created. Thus, this video merely shows my tying take…

  • For more info on this survival trap: This video will cover one of our top survival traps and its numerous survival uses. The split stick is a very modular trap that is also very scalable in size for all types of small to medium game. Thanks for you continued support of SIGMA 3 Survival School….

  • Taken from our Woodsmaster volume 4 DVD. This is part two of the Ottomani Sun compass where you learn how to calibrate the compass and also see several methods for finding directions using the sun. These short videos are a small part of our navigation video. Filmed in 1998

  • Taken from our Woodsmaster volume 4 DVD. This is part three of of our short series on navigation. Here you will see several methods for finding directions using the stars and the time. These short videos are a small part of our Wilderness navigation and travel video. Filmed in 1998