Cave as a refuge (Part 3/3) – one minute survival tip

This time: How to create a warm environment.

Stay off the ground: You lose more heat to the cold ground than you do to the air around you, so having or making a raised platform is a good way to start off your primitive shelter. To achieve this goal, a camping bed or an camping armchair can be very helpful. In that case i used the armchair

Keep the shelter as small as possible. A small air space is easier to heat as a larger one.
Any heat source will help you to heat up the air. Use whatever is on hand. You can warm a few rocks by your campfire and put them inside to warm up your shelter.

About 30 to 50 cm above ground level it is warmer, because the cooler air sinks to ground (Snow cave principle!). Where the cold-warm border lies, depends on the construction height of your shelter.

Always try to stay above the cold air level.

Next time: Survival Medicine – Pain Killer