Day 1 Of The Dreaded Cull & How To Kill, Clean, Gut & Butcher A Duck #202 Raising Ducks Day 121

This is our first day of the dreaded cull of the surplus drakes before they get too aggressive and become UFC cage fighters 24/7.

In this video I’m going to show you how I culled the Pekin Duck drakes from my flock, I decided this year to no longer use the hang up and cut their throats method, I hated watching the birds bleed out and that was chickens which I wasn’t attached to like the I am to my ducks.

I wanted to end their lives instantly with them not knowing what I’m up to & not have them experience any stress or get worked up.

Also in this video I’m going to show you how we de-feather them using hot water which has to be at 160°F for ducks compared to 147°F for chickens. It’s also recommend you add dish soap to the hot water to cut the oil in the feathers so the hot water works it’s way to the lower feathers.

You will have to keep adding soap as you do more birds as the oil in the feathers really breaks down the soap in the water.

Gutting and butchering a ducks is pretty similar to a chicken, their anatomy is pretty close to a chicken so the cleaning process is pretty close to the same.

What I find so amazing about ducks is their stomachs they are so huge and strong compared to chickens.