Tips for Backpack Camping in the Rain

Don’t cancel your next camping trip just because rain is in the forecast. Some of my best camping trips have been during flash floods and heavy rainfall. This video offers 10 tips for
an enjoyable experience. These tips are only a summary, based on personal experience. I am continually learning and don’t claim to be an expert.

10. Don’t go if you are afraid of adventure. Look on the experience as a way to train for an emergency or natural disaster.
9. Practice survival skills in good weather. Bushcraft survival skills are perishable.
8. Get a good pack. It should fit your needs and be well made.
7. Make a tarp shelter that will keep your equipment dry while setting-up a tent or hammock. Practice, practice, practice … many different configurations.
6. Select your tent carefully. Make sure that it is easy to set-up, has a bathtub floor and is waterproof.
5. Camp on high ground. Otherwise a brief shower may turn your campsite into a river.
4. Organize your things. Use clothing as pillow. Put everything in plastic bags to stay dry. In warm weather,select clothing made from synthetic materials that wick water away from your body. Use wool in cool weather, since wool stays warm even if wet. Do not use cotton clothing; if cotton gets wet, it stays wet.
3. Bring a stove or make a campfire. Practice different fire starting methods. Be careful, sparks can melt / burn tarps and tents. Consider your campfire as your TV.
2. Hike the trails. Trails look different in the rain. You will see many amazing sights ….
1 . BE SAFE. Beware of lighting and widow makers, that is, trees/branches that may fall.

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Videography by Ken Kramm, 2013, Texas, USA; Canon Vixia HF G10, IPhone5 with waterproof case, Final Cut Pro X editing software. Opus One by Jason Shaw Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License