Top 10 Most Amazing Life Hacks You Should Know!

There are all sorts of everyday objects that can be used in completely different ways than they were intended; and often become even more useful as a result! So, here are 10 such life hacks ideas to repurpose those odds and ends!
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BeAmazed at… Precision Foam Cutter – This can be a sure fire advantage for any cosplay enthusiast or those who make crafts and other such things out of foam. Makeshift Wrench – From time to time we all lose the right tool for the job, so here’s a way to make sure that you can still carry on with the job, even if you happened to misplace your wrench. Easy bottle cleaning – One of the worst parts of doing any set of dishes has to be when it comes to cleaning inside those impossible bottles and carafes. Drill without dust – Drilling is a messy task… the dust goes EVERYWHERE! Clean your CD’s and DVD’s with a Banana. CD’s have begun to fade away in the world of MP3’s and other digital media, but there are still some who swear by them. Wall hangings with pop tabs – There are all manner of designs available when it comes to hanging pictures and other such things on walls. Extra Traction on the snow and ice – Your favourite shoes or boots just may not be doing the trick anymore when it comes to being sure footed in the winter. Boost your Wi-Fi – Sometimes what you’re paying for just isn’t enough, or perhaps one side of the house just doesn’t get the same speeds as another side. Battery Lighter – Sometimes you need fire, but you might not have a lighter on you. DIY Microscope – Have you ever wanted to REALLY look at something?