Top 10 Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

Survival tips may save your life sometime, and as the Boy Scout motto reminds us, it’s good to always be prepared in survival situations, so in this video we count down 10 tips for surviving present day situations.
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BeAmazed at… Falling Elevator – Some physicists and engineers have suggested that your best option is, in fact, to lie down flat and spread-eagled on the elevator floor. Heat Escape Lessening Posture – When it comes to survival, one of the big factors outside of food, water, and shelter, is warmth. Avoid The Bystander Effect – The more bystanders there are, the less likely any of them will be to step forward to help. How to Survive a Riptide – Riptides are common natural occurrences along shorelines, and generally involve an intake or stream of water that flows away from the beach and out toward the sea or ocean. Wild Animals – For outdoor enthusiasts, being safe around wildlife is one of the most basic skills, and yet every year many people are injured and even killed in dangerous confrontations. Escaping A Flooding Car – We’re all familiar with iconic stories of people sliding off a road into a river or creek and getting stuck in their vehicle. Don’t Turn Your Back – If you ever found yourself faced with an armed opponent or had a gun to your head, most of us would like to think we’d have the frame of mind to act coolly and stay calm. Universal Edibility Test – Stuck in the wilderness with dwindling food supplies? Don’t know which plants are good to eat? This is where the Universal Edibility Test comes into play. Gas Attack – Strictly speaking, if there ever was an attack containing biological agents, unless you had a functioning gas mask your chances of surviving are slim. How To Break Out Of A Ziptie – In the unlikely event that you ever find yourself in a kidnapping or hostage situation, knowing how to get out of your bonds can be the matter between life and death.