Urban Survival Lamp – one minute survival tip

Urban Survival Lamp: A brief power outage might leave you without power for an extended period of time. A very simple lamp can be made from materials which are available in practically every household in the following manner: A cheap glass tumbler is partly filled with water and then about 1/2 in. of safe, light burning oil (e.g. olive oil), placed on the water. Cut a thin strip from an ordinary cork and make a hole in the center to carry a short piece of wick. The wick (cotton!) should be of such a length as to dip into the oil, but not long enough to reach the water. The upper surface of the cork may be protected from the flame with a small piece of tin bent over the edges and a hole punched in the center for the wick. The weight of the tin will force the cork down into the oil. The level of the oil should be such as to make the flame below the top of the tumbler and the light then will not be blown out with draughts. The arrangement is quite safe as, should the glass happen to upset, the water at once extinguishes the flame.