What microwave oven is capable. High-voltage arc

Danger! Do not try to repeat at home what you saw. Electric shock from the microwave oven is fatal, the microwaves can cause personal injury or demage an equipment. All the actions in the video made by professionals.

Experiments with high voltage from the microwave oven.
2000 volts, 0.5 amperes connected to:
0:41 stannic electrodes
0:47 foil electrodes
0:51 thin steel spring
0:58 with salt
1:20 to the light bulb 220V, 300W
1:41 to a giant light bulb
1:51 to tree branch
2:23 through the grass
2:41 on the ground
2:45 on a tree stump
3:03 on the bulb neonku
3:20 on the power-savin bulb
3:24 on the fluorescent lamp
3:26 through the dandelion
3:40 on the capacitors

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