Winter Survival – Lost in the Wilderness Mountains and Lakes

Winter Survival – Lost in the Wilderness Mountains and Lakes a land full of Frozen Water Streams

The route was
Mahandri – Manor – Kach – Anso – Malika Parbat – Saiful Malook

The altitude started from around 1500 meters

Day 1 – Lahore to Mahndri – Hi-Roof Van
Mahndiri to Forest Rest House – Jeep Safari
Night at Forest Rest House at 2500 meters

Day – 2
Hike Via Manor towards Dher
Camped at 3300 Meters at Dher

Day – 3
Hike via Kach enroute Anso Lake towards Malika Parbat
Camped at 3800 Meters

Day – 4
Hike towards Saif ul Malook Lake via Malika Parbat Base Camp

It had been a really tough trek, with steep ascends lack of water as all water srouces were frozen

We had proper Food after 50 hours, rescued, survived, motivated and kept moving faced sub minus temperatures and laughed away all the turmoil

Bon Fire night at Dher

Kach – Anso Lake towards Malika Parbat in feets of snow crossing at Night

Group and Team work – Moving with the peers !

Spending tough times together !

The night of December at an Altitude of 3800 meters without food and water !

Insulating body heat, insulating the camps, saving gear and luggage !

All in all nice tough time spent in the highlands !

Lost in the Wilderness

Video: Courtesy: Tanzeel Rehman