2009 10 BSA 174 October 2009 Nicholas Farm – Sweet Owen County – Survival Skills

On Friday the bus crew made sloppy Joes & soup for dinner. The patrols set up camp foolishly beneath the lake. Our Troopmaster saw this problem and had us move camp in the morning. After resetting camp that morning we started breakfast, eggs and bacon. After breakfast the patrols minus the first years started their survival classes with the good doctor. The first year scouts then started their physical recruitments. After the survival classes all of the patrols had Mr. Ottes special gruel.
Once everybody had eaten their gruel the patrols finished their survival training. Then everyone gatherered around to have mass with Father Wadlton. After mass we (all but first years and adults) were sent out into the woods for the night. We were allowed only what we were wearing, a space blanket, two matches and a sleeping bag. The patrols were told to make a lean to, start a fire, build a reflector and find clean water or we would not get dinner. From what Ive heard all the patrols got dinner that night. Dinner included quail and potatoes that we cooked over the fire we made. The night was cold but everyone survived somehow. The first year scouts went on a five-mile hike and were able to sleep in nice warm tents. In the morning the patrols slowly emerged from the trees to break camp. After we policed the field we all hurried over to get donuts. Then we had circle up and left for home.