How To Make The Business Bucket

Make a portable, emergency supply kit, that could save your tush during a natural disaster. Or at least, provide a little cushioning for it.

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Pool Noodle:
[✓] 5 Gallon Bucket Camo:
[✓] Garbage Bags:
[✓] 2 Gallon Pail:
[✓] 5 Quart Big Mouth Bucket:
[✓] Hand Sanitizer:

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Project Inspired By:

Puget Sound Preppers ()

Project History & More Info:

Last year, my mom posted an awesome idea on Facebook from Puget Sound Preppers called the “preppers potty”. () It seemed like a crazy redneck idea that was fun to laugh at, and move on .. but it actually got me thinking of some possibilities.

First off, the idea of lining the buckets with garbage sacks is awesome because they’re easy to change out, and help keep everything clean. And when I shared the idea with a friend who used to live on a boat, he thought the pool noodle addition was genius, because it would have saved his butt. At the time he was just sitting on the bucket. Ouch!

In practical use, I’ve found that when you cover your deposit with a handful of leaves, then sprinkle a layer of dirt overtop, it forms an odor barrier that keeps the bucket from smelling bad and attracting flies.

To take the idea to the next level, I found a 2 gallon pail with a lid, and a 5 quart, big mouth bucket at the hardware store, and packed them with stuff for hunting, camping, and survival situations. They’ll actually hold an impressive amount of equipment.

For example, I included a heavy duty tarp, with some para-cord and bungee straps, so we can make a shelter, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol that can be used for sanitization, or make-shift camping fuel. I threw in a knife that’s got a fork and spoon built into it, and a flashlight as well.

There’s plenty of room for a small first aid kit, and some lighters for getting a survival fire started, and just because I could, a pack of medical grade nitrile gloves, for when it’s time to do the dirty work.

The buckets themselves are useful as well.

They’re waterproof, which means you can store materials when you’re out camping or hunting.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this idea, is that it all goes together in the 5 gallon bucket, and everything fits inside well enough that you can snap on the lid. Meaning you can easily add this convenient “grab-and-go” bucket to your arsenal emergency supplies, in case any sudden emergency situations arise.