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  • Rigging a tarp: Bushcraft

    How to rig an ultralight tarp for ease of setup and maximum versatility.

  • Alpenlore Survival Belt

    Alpenlore Website: Living Survival: Second Channel: Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

  • Using a rain poncho as a shelter while its really raining. Its not pouring rain, just a good drizzle. Test your gear in real life situations and not just when its suits you.

  • This is an update on some of the supplies I am using in my medium size survival kit. Let us find out what is inside!

  • “Fishing makes us less the hostages to the horrors of making a living. It is a time warp we may step into for a little peace.” Jim Harrison

  • Primitive Lifeways joins Shawn Kelly to construct a dugout shelter. If you enjoy this video hit the THUMBS UP BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE to us on Youtube. Also, visit our website at: WEBSITE : FACEBOOK: Intro and exit Music by Dream Theater : On The Backs Of Angels

  • Richard Cleveland’s Earth School near Asheville, North Carolina teaches students solid Wilderness Survival Skills. Students learn to be self-reliant as they deepen their connection to the natural world. Visit:

  • Part – 1 of 2 Gem Webb of Bruce County Tourism tests out how to build a basic winter shelter called a lean-to. He learns some interesting things about easier ways to build it and how realistic it is to be able to accomplish. If your not using your own property, always get land owner…

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  • In the Swiss Mountain i build a Mega Shelter, a Chair, a Table, a Shelf all around a permanent camp with my friend Felix. Our Flint Stone Fire keep us warm at night and the amazing view at the next morning was all the effort worth. For more videos: – please SUBSCRIBE to my channel!…

  • EDC Survival Bag

    This is a bag I put together for day hikes. I keep this in my truck for spontaneous hikes. Just some basic survival items packed and ready to go.

  • Flint and steel Fire building on our Overnight winter survival trip. Instagram- Facebook- Chief’s FaceBook-