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  • Sorry folks this vid may be a little long I was a little lazy on the editing 🙂 Hope you still enjoy it!

  • Survival Skills DVDs

    Imagine being able to walk off into the woods with nothing more than a knife, and s

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  • This is the start of a 4 part series on Pemmican the ultimate survival food. Make sure to check out our website and our cooking blog at the links below. Our Website – Request a print catalog – … Facebook – … Twitter – Cooking Blog – Instagram –

  • PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING: THIS VIDEO HAS NOT BEEN SCRIPTED, EDITED OR REHEARSED. IT WAS DONE THIS WAY BY REQUEST. (38:17 Shelter review – 47:30 Fish Trap Rundown – 52:19 Clean Water Seepage Well 100:00 – Eating Crickets 1:31:10 – Discussion on Fire ) It is composed of a string of clips that were…

  • The Wilderness Chef

    Filming in remote locations is always a challenge; when it comes to feeding the crew producer Jason steps up with his BBQ techniques that are simply delicious!

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  • Survival techniques from the 3 finest hunters in Maine. (This is not meant to be taken seriously) 2nd Place in Moose Dance Film Festival!

  • Warning: Follow these steps at your own risk. Vitamin C is very important to keeping yourself healthy and alert in a survival situation. Pine needles steeped in 8oz. of boiling water will produce the same amount of Vitamin C as 8oz. of orange juice. Watch to find out more!

  • Waldhandwerk Eats, a Mix and collection of Outdoor Cooking, Wilderness and wildlife food. All you can eat. Some Content might be Graphic. Viewers are warned. 7 Mio a Day. Season Mix of foraging wild edibles. Playlist for most of the Plants: Zum rein deutschsprachigem Kanal: Waldhandwerk Bushcraft – Survival Trainings: Bergzeit Outdoorshop: Bushcraft Blog The…

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  • A few tips on what the wilderness provides in the middle of winter that is easily gathered and can be used for survival food.