Return to the Wild part 1; The Survival skills quest

Four Trackways students are preparing to return to the wild.
living in harmony with the land for four days.

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They must make shelter, find and purify water, make fire from materials they find with natural cordage and forage their own food. They are allowed three items a knife, a blanket and a wooden bowl. If they make other items over the year they may be allowed to take these. Most groups work together in three’s or four’s this group all want to go solo.

Trackways presents return to the Wild
This is a video series showing four intrepid participants returning to the wild. Engaged in the Trackways Year course, and leading up to the survival quest we see the participants before during and after their quest.
If you want to turn your life in to a wild adventure and find your inner power then this is for you…
We will deepen the exploration of many of the subjects touched upon in the Wild Craft Survival skills course. Whilst introducing a wide range of new material that is not taught elsewhere. The purpose of the course is to integrate the skills in to our everyday life. This demands practice and application as all the skills take much time to master.
Thomas Schorr-kon will be leading the majority of the course.
The year course is the start of a journey back to a place of lasting connection with the earth. The course helps us to feel confident on our own in nature, a return to our authentic natural, wild self. The emphasis lies with the development of the necessary knowledge and skill base to live with the land and a sense of interconnection with the earth that we are a part of. The Shamanic work will be integrated as necessary to assist with this,to provide the full spectrum of skills that our ancestors used.We will introduce meditation in nature, and a clear and scientific understanding of how to navigate our different states of consciousness. The personal development and support that is experienced through being part of the group is as valuable as the skills learned.
The year course runs over 10 months allowing us to have out door experience throughout the year and to become able to be comfortable outdoors under most conditions. It is designed to address some of the questions people encounter after taking their first class. How to put these ways in to practice? How to find time to make the skills workable?

We cover a comprehensive range of advanced survival skills while also developing our inner resources to overcome the challenges we encounter. This helps us to become more independent on all levels. The skills are taught through principles which mean that they can be applied to many different situations and environments allowing the students a great deal of adaptability.
Facing the challenge of the Survival Quest builds a deep sense of self trust, knowing we can rely on our own skills. This is a rich experience that both directs us towards living in harmony with the land and facilitates the necessary experience to share the skills.
There will be structured aides for studying many aspects of nature, tracking, birds, plants and animals, developing an intimate knowledge and connection with the environment. This fosters an exciting exploration of many fields of study in to the natural world that will continue for your life time.
The course consists of seven meetings; three weekends, three five days sessions and a week long quest experience. Each five day module will include a weekend. As it is an ongoing group friendships form and a sense of community builds with skills being shared and a culture of mutual support flourishing.

The Trackways year course has been running since 2000 and is the most established course of this type in the country. A number of graduates over the years have gone on to develop their own successful schools and others are working in the field of survival training including the Trackways team.